We are so very pleased that you have made the decision that countless others have made through the centuries – to enjoy the hospitality of the tenants at The Artichoke. Original sections of the pub you see today were built in the 17th and 18th century & the earliest reference to it was made in 1756.

The mid 1800’s saw the Artichoke used for regular auctions conducted by auctioneers including Sedgewick & Sons & Mr Thomas Lavender, surveyor and auctioneer of Watford. During this time, the beer cellar was also used as a temporary mortuary- this hasn’t happened for some time we hasten to add!

Locals recall the village having at least three blacksmiths from around 1900 onwards. The smithies were found at the end of Copthorne Cottages, one on New Road & another was right here, adjoining The Artichoke public house. We do our laundry in there now!

During the late 19th century The Artichoke was used by commoners for many a meeting and was at the centre of much of village life. According to the Hertfordshire County Records notes & extracts, it was recorded in the Midsummer Sessions of 1819 that a society of good fellowship was to be established at “The Artichoke, at Croxley Green, in the parish of Rickmansworth”.

The Artichoke has a history of serving families & the local community & back in the 1900’s (when we worked 6 days a week!) Dad would come for his glass of beer while his family played in Mr Stones orchard on the other side of the Green. In June & July parents & their children would enjoy the cherries from the orchard while Dad enjoyed his pint. This normally happened on a Sunday & they were known as ‘Cherry Sundays!’ We think that’s beautiful.

Down through the years The Artichoke has had many tenants & has known the services of many brewers and breweries. It has sold beer supplied by Ind Coope, Taylor-Walker, Cannon, Clutterbuck & in more recent times, Whitbread, Carlsberg & Heineken.

We are a small independent family run business & we are so proud to be the custodians of such a historic & focal point of our community. We take pride in delivering your experience and we hope to do so with a nod to the beliefs and values of days gone by. A slower, simpler time & one where the pub was, as it is today, at the heart of our free time…

It’s lovely to see you today!

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